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From a BESTSELLER International Business Trainee to Sourcing Manager

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Meet Varun, Sourcing Manager at VERO MODA. In 2012, he moved from India to Denmark to pursue his career within the fashion industry. He began as an International Business Trainee (IBT) in the buying team, today he is still with us and his career has progressed immensely.

How did you first hear about BESTSELLER and why did you apply to become an IBT?

When I finished my master's degree in fashion management in the UK, I started looking for jobs around the globe and came across BESTSELLER. When I read about BESTSELLER's values, I knew I had to work for this company, since the values and principles were spot on with my own.

How did your career proceed from there?

The IBT programme has played a vital part in shaping my career. I started with one supplier, today I am responsible for 100+ suppliers.

BESTSELLER has given me the trust and help to overcome any obstacles. They have also appreciated, awarded and celebrated my successes! Teamwork is a very important aspect for me, I have grown so close to my team that it feels like my home away from home.

What is your biggest learning so far?

The biggest learning for me is that nothing is impossible when done with the right mindset and a solid plan. It is okay to make mistakes and should be taken as a stepping stone to new opportunities.

What advice would you give others that are interested in becoming an IBT?

The IBT programme is so dynamic, you get to build your knowledge across various areas of the value chain and get to know so many people across the company. This makes it easy for one to grow, feel confident and deliver results. I believe that with knowledge comes confidence and with confidence come results!

BESTSELLER’s International Business Trainee (IBT) Programme offers ambitious graduates from all over the world the chance to learn how to navigate an international fashion company within Buying, Design, Retail Management, Sales Management, IT, E-Commerce, Finance, Logistics or Digital Learning and obtain first-hand insights into BESTSELLER’s business and culture.

During our two-year programme, you will spend time in Denmark and – potentially - across the globe, while meeting new people from far and wide. The IBT Programme consists of real-life working experience, combined with four school periods. Interested? Read more about the IBT Programme here or find your specialist field here. The application window for this year’s International Business Trainee Programme closes 12 January 2021.

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