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  • Fashion unites against war: 1Granary's open letter to the fashion industry

Fashion unites against war: 1Granary's open letter to the fashion industry

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An open letter to the fashion industry, how you can sign it and who has signed it so far.

We, undersigned,

ask fashion businesses and their leaders to stand together with Ukraine and strongly condemn Russia’s invasion.

As designers, stylists, photographers, teachers, students, researchers, models, artists, graphic designers, creative directors, agents, writers, and editors, we continuously strive for a world where creative expression, cultural exchange, and collaboration can blossom. The violence of the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine goes against everything we stand for. This war brings nothing but destruction, suffering, and grief.

Fashion has power. Fashion is a trillion-dollar industry with gigantic cultural, economic, and even political influence. In times of crisis, it’s easy to dismiss that power, to call it superfluous, frivolous, tone-deaf, hypocrite, or non-essential. But our supply chains connect countries across the globe, our media reach masses of followers everywhere, our shared language of creativity is universal. We are an industry bursting with talent, skills, networks, and connections. Those tools can always improve the lives of people around us – whether it’s on a large scale or an intimate one. Wherever you are today, don’t turn your back, don’t close your eyes.

We demand our governments to continue enforcing strong sanctions and to contribute aid so freedom, democracy, and sovereignty can be assured in Ukraine.

We also ask the fashion community and influential fashion houses, in particular, to not be silent, use their platforms, and offer hands-on help.

You can sign the letter here

SO FAR 2800 PEOPLE HAVE SIGNED. See all names here. here

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