Danish fashion house Cottonfield is teaming up with 12 up-and-coming European athletes to benefit the School for Life educational program for Ghanaian children. Each athlete from the Cottonfield heroes team has announced 3 personal sport goals that will trigger Cottonfield donations that will send as many as 750 boys and girls, ages 8-12, to school in Ghana for nine months.

Their goals includes victories, world rankings, times, and medals in major international tournaments (including the Olympics 2008) and events in coming months.. Achieving each goal will trigger more Cottonfield donations to School for Life. Cottonfield is also a product sponsor for the team - each athlete will be clothed in Cottonfield's latest collections four times a year.

School for Life is a sensitive program that enables children without any other schooling to attend afternoon classes in their own languages. See www.ghanavenskabsgrupperne.dk Cottonfield Managing Director Ed Renner: "This campaign is about excellence as well as relevance: the Cottonfield Heroes are living their dream, and striving to help others do the same. We are excited and proud to be working with them."


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