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BA Fashion Technology

Course Summary School: University of Leeds

Location: United Kingdom, Leeds

Education: Diploma

Technologists are an essential part of the fashion production process from initial design to product development and supply chain management. You a broad understanding of how technology supports and empowers the fashion industry, as well as issues such as sustainability. 
Developed in consultation with employers and shaped by our close links with the industry, this degree will show you how design and fashion technology come together to turn a design idea into a physical, marketable product. You’ll also learn about how products reach the market and explore the challenges of sustainability.
The course will give you a working knowledge of the fashion supply chain from cotton fields to the final garment, and even what happens to garments at the end of their lives. You’ll know when and how to use different materials, fabrics and dyes, assess manufacturing processes and begin to plan the supply chain.
This is a fantastic opportunity to gain a wide range of skills for a challenging and vital role at the heart of the fashion industry.