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Fashion Stylist and P.R Officer

Course Summary School: Atelier Chardon Savard

Location: France, Paris

Education: Diploma

Students in this program have followed three years after high school of either general promotion/marketing/communication programs or fashion design courses. They want to specialize in the visual tools specific to the fashion industry (fashion editorilals, fashion films) as well as to the communication strategies for this high profile field (events production, social networks). In this course, they coordinate and produce fashion shoots, optimize their usage of graphic software, learn to write press releases and trends articles, write and produce fashion films, imagine digital communication plans…. 
The prerequisite for this program consists in 3 years in a fashion design school or in a general marketing/communication school . 
The program consists in two years of studies,including one year of professionalization and internship.
Applications for any of these programs start with a personnal interview of the applicant. 
This procedure helps to determine the applicant’s level, motivation and professionnal project. 
In order to get an appointement for an interview, applicants can contact the school office, open from mondays to fridays from 09:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m ; and from 02 :00 p.m. to 05 :00 p.m. 
Applicants may also return by mail their application form. 
* Registered degree (RNCP register, NSF240 in level II (fr) or 6 (eu). French decree published on the JO on July 25th 2015. 
** Registered degree (RNCP register, NSF240 in level I (fr) or 7 (eu). French decree published on the JO on September 7th 2016.