Our vision is bold; to become the number 1 clothes retailer in the world. We truly believe that this dream can be achieved through providing the best customer service experience on the high street. UNIQLO’s business is, and has always been, customer-driven, and customer-first. Products, stores, services, people, management. Everything we do – centers around the individual who wears the clothes.

UNIQLO was the first company in Japan to establish an SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel)* model encompassing all stages of the business – from design and production to final sale. By continuously refining its SPA model, UNIQLO successfully differentiates itself from other companies by developing unique products. We quickly make adjustments to production to reflect the latest sales trends and to minimize store operation costs. This is how we, at UNIQLO, provide such high-quality clothing at such reasonable prices.



What first began as an everyday wear, Uniqlo has reinvented in Japan as “LifeWear”. LifeWear isn’t disposable clothing but perfect components made with quality. We create LifeWear by evolving the ordinary, producing big and small innovations that benefit our customers everyday. LifeWear. Simple made better.

UNIQLO in-store
UNIQLO in-store

Working here

As UNIQLO has established an SPA business model under which everything from planning to production and sales of clothing is conducted, categories of jobs available at UNIQLO are highly diverse in nature.

  • Online Application
  • Group interview in Paris, London, Antwerp or Berlin
  • Interview with local Head of Operations and Head of HR
  • Interview with EU CEO and EU Head of HR

UNIQLO jobs:

Store roles

Jobs introduced under each category promise a challenge as well as the ability to experience UNIQLO’s business firsthand.

Our Principles :
  • Store teams are completely dedicated to satisfying customers
  • Your efforts are evaluated fairly and accurately We want people
  • who wish to become true business managers
UNIQLO in-store

Headquarter roles

  • E-Commerce
  • Human Resources
  • Loss Prevention Associate
  • Marketing/Communication and public relations
  • Merchandising
  • Research & Design
  • Store Expansion/Store Design & Construction/Procurement
  • Training and Development
  • Visual Merchandising
UNIQLO headquarters


Our culture emphasizes working with integrity, respecting each individual’s work style, and evaluating fairly based on performance. We respect each employee, and encourage them to choose a work style that fits their own individual lifestyle and life stage. We promote a corporate culture that values fairness and integrity, and provide opportunities and compensation to individuals commensurate to their performance.

UNIQLO culture