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BA Fashion Marketing

Course Summary School: University of Leeds

Location: United Kingdom, Leeds

Education: Diploma

This degree will help you to develop an in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry alongside expertise in marketing enabling you to spot and promote the next big trend. You will gain an understanding of design style and fashion products as well as the impact of consumer behaviour. 
You’ll gain an understanding of the aesthetics of design and style in fashion products, as well as consumer behaviour and the role of consumerism in the fashion life cycle. But you’ll also put this into context by studying style, design and taste from an historical and technological perspective, so you can work confidently with trend information to develop and promote new colour and style trends and concepts. 
During the programme your will work on a range of individual and group projects which could include devising a new brand strategy for a fashion label, trend forecasting or developing ideas for innovative fashion products or an exciting PR campaign. It’s a great way to gain the skills to succeed in a competitive and fast-changing industry.